Skilled Labour Certificate

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Introduction This certificate are offer to individuals and company who are self trained skilled in a particular vocation or trade live barber, hair dressers, welders, mechanics, repairers, painters among others. you do not need to attend any class or course, all you need to do is send evidence of your skills by send a picture of the work you do and some finished products made by you, a short video of you working to prove you are a master of the said craft.  Take advantage of this certification to earn an International career certificate of training in a world-class recognized career institution and be accepted into any company of your choice in any part of the world. Upgrade yourself, enhance your skills and beautify your CV for the opportunity to find a better job, a better condition of service and a better salary.   Who can apply Anyone who is already trained and master of a craft or vocational skills.   How to apply Make payment via momo and submit your pictures and video via email to    CC